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Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Internet Exchange (IdahoIX). We’re a community-driven initiative aimed at enhancing internet connectivity and lowering costs in the Boise area—and our success depends on our participants. As more participants join us, we’ll create more internet access points in the region to make connection speeds faster for local traffic. We’d be pleased to have you join IdahoIX.

IdahoIX Participant Application and Agreement Form

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This service is provided by the Idaho Internet Exchange (the “Exchange”). All services are provided “AS IS.” All warranties (express or implied) are expressly disclaimed to the extent allowed by law. Participant agrees on behalf of themselves and any downstream users to hold all parties harmless for any and all losses incurred. Participant agrees to follow and comply with all policies adopted by the Exchange and all applicable laws and regulations. Participant acknowledges that violation of the policies, laws or regulations will result in the services being terminated at the Exchange’s sole discretion.

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